Coming and Going…

The Sens have had a pretty good week winning a couple of road series and splitting the first two games at home. The exciting thing about being home in the opening of the new Capital BlueCross Boardwalk.  Watching the reactions of fans the past two nights has been a lot of fun. And seeing people surround the playing field makes it seem we are in a big league ballpark.

One of the wonderful things about working in AA, or at any level of the minor leagues, is getting an opportunity to watch future major leaguers while still in an intimate atmosphere. Off the top of my head, I’d have no idea how many players I’ve watched the first four plus seasons in the Eastern League that have made the big leagues. But it’s a bunch, that’s for sure.

As much as Metro Bank Park feels more big league it is definitely not the big leagues. For the players, the pay is obviously much better in the big leagues but so is everything else. No more late night delivery from Gino’s Pizzeria or the long bus rides. Being in the big leagues means chartered air travel… not handling your own bags… and being in lush surroundings in the clubhouse.

The players aren’t the only people trying to reach the big leagues though, all of us aspire to reach a higher level, maybe a better job within baseball. For me, it is a big league radio job. For others here, it’s getting to a place that maybe they’ve always dreampt about like running the New York Yankees. For one person with the Sens front office, she is moving onward and upward trying to reach more goals. 

Today is the final day Director of Picnic Operations and unofficial social director Melissa Altemose is working for the team. She’ll be back for a couple of games between now and early June, but today is her last full-time day. Though we are separated by a whole lot of years in age, Melissa and I both started with the Senators in 2005.  She is leaving to take a job with the Washington Wizards of the NBA, joining former front office staff member Tony Duffy who is also with the Wizards.

I have no doubt that Melissa will someday be running a minor league team if she so desires. Or working the front office on the sports side of a professional organization.  Here’s to wishing Melissa good luck in all of her future endeavors! 

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