January 2010

Title, title, who needs a title?

Is everything worth having a title? Do all of my blogs
really need to have a title? I’m thinking I don’t always have to come up with a
title. I can just write, you can read, and it doesn’t have to be titled.

Now that we have that out of the way…

I’m not a huge football fan, but I do enjoy watching the playoffs. And
boy-oh-boy, so far this year they have been serious duds. There has only been one
really good game (Chargers vs. Jets) and even that one wasn’t that good.
All I care about is something fun to watch. Wait, there was one high scoring,
close game right? Oh yes, the Cardinals and Saints from the opening weekend. I
missed most of that due to my Sunday night bowling league.

Speaking of the bowling league, I’m in a horrible slump. We’re talking a
three-week, not holding up my end of the bargain, slump. Emily Winslow and Mac
Simmons are on my team and well, I’ve failed them miserably the past three
weeks. Consequently, we’ve only won two games out of the last 12. Ouch. We have gone from second place in our league to seventh.

In less than eleven weeks, the players will be arriving from spring training. Does eleven weeks sound far off? It isn’t. It may be to you, but it
isn’t to us. The time is going to fly by, that’s for sure. I was telling one of
the interns today that once the Super Bowl is over time really starts to roll
along at a pace that is too quick.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, we’re down to two teams in the NFC that have not
won a Super Bowl and two teams in the AFC that have won a combined three Super
Bowls including Super Bowl III when they played one another.  Sounding
like a broken record (can you really sound like a broken CD?), all I want this
weekend is two interesting games. For those of us that work Monday through Friday, Sunday night is the end of the weekend. So ending the weekend with dud games just stinks. But you’re not reading this blog for football reasons, right? (okay, who knows why you’re one of the few people reading this)

This time of year much of the baseball talk is centered around contracts. How many of you baseball fans out there have a baseball conversation that has nothing to do with contracts? I am probably in the minority, but I could care less about contracts. Teams are going to spend money on players, so I want my favorite team to go out and get the best players they can and leave it at that. I don’t worry about what my favorite restaurant pays their chef, so why should I care what my favorite baseball team pays their right fielder?

Where was I going with this blog and not having a title? Who knows…

I think it’s time I move along to a construction update, don’t you? The boardwalk extension from the main seating structure out to the left field boardwalk started this week. Most, if not all, of the concrete has been poured in the areas that are going to have concrete. The roof is nearly complete, with just one area where the metal has not been attached to the roof. Overall, the construction is still moving along nicely.

That’s it for now. I’ll have more football to talk about next week, yippee! And I promise I’ll have a title!

I’m Backkkkk!!!

Okay, okay, I know its been forever since I typed one of these. One of my resolutions this year is to be current with my blog. I’m anticipating this to be the case because I have hired an assistant for the 2010 season.

Matt Tymann has joined the Sens, along with seven other interns, and is assisting me with writing press releases and will be joining me on the air during home games this season. I am thrilled that our fans will have a second voice to listen to this year besides me just droning on and on. I, for one, believe that baseball on the radio is meant for two voices. And as games become longer and longer, it’s just that much more important to have a second voice.

Changing subjects.

We’re in our new administration building. If the new ballpark comes out as nicely as our offices, then WOW, everyone will be delighted! There is actually room for all 25 of us that have offices or cubicles in the office. Pretty amazing!

Speaking of the new ballpark, it is coming right along. And I can tell you, it IS going to be amazing. Amazing. Amazing. The project is on schedule which is a good thing. If you are in the Harrisburg area do yourself a favor and come on over to take a look. Even though the website is updated frequently with pictures, they just don’t do justice to the size of the structure.

As for the baseball side of things, I’m excited about the 2010 season. While I don’t know the exact players yet, it is VERY exciting to speculate on whether a particular player is going to appear in a Sens uniform. That player is the 2009 Washington Nationals number one draft choice and the overall number one draft choice Stephen Strasburg. Time will tell whether he is on the roster, but I do know we’ll have plenty of players worth watching including a few prospects.

The Sens have a new manager for the first time in three seasons this year as Randy Knorr takes over from John Stearns. Randy was the bullpen coach for the Nationals last year and managed for the Nats in Potomac two years ago, leading the P-Nats to the 2008 Carolina League Championship. Randy also has two other Championship rings, earning them while a member of the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992 and 1993.  I have spoken with Randy several times on the phone and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to work with him all season long. Troy Gingrich, Randy Tomlin and Atsushi Toriida round out the 2010 staff, all returning from last season.

The Sens staff has several new full-time people with the two newest joining us last Monday (January 4th). David Simpson is the new box office manager, and yes Virginia, there IS a real box office this season.  David has an interesting background that includes being a bat boy for the Cleveland Indians for parts of five seasons.

Ann Marie Naumes has been hired to put together our new merchandise store. She comes to us from the Cleveland Indians, where she worked in their retail stores for the past few years. She is a huge Baltimore Orioles fan. (Booo)

For now, that’s it. Stay tuned as I will be updating the blog frequently.