Winter is back…

The calendar says March 3 but the temperature says it’s the middle of January. I think some of us wish the calendar was still in the middle of January.

I know a lot of people just think we show up on about April 5th and get everything ready for the season, but that’s not the case. This is probably the busiest month of the year for us including the season.

We are in the process of building lists of items that have to be done before the season starts and the list is nearly four pages long. It’ll all get done because it’s this way every season, but every season presents its own challenges and this season is no different.

But even with all the challenges we are all very excited. I just can’t tell you all how excited we are about the new video system. It is simply going to be amazing. And you are going to notice it right away. We are going to have the ability to entertain you in ways we never have before.

Entertainment is a huge part of what we do and what I try to do on the radio. And this year we’re certain that we’ll be able to entertain you like never before.

As for the radio, well…

On the field so far this spring the Nationals are 2-3 with plenty of former Senators seeing significant playing time. It’s fun following the spring training games with so many former Sens playing.

Here’s a rundown:

         Roger Bernadina 1 x 6

         Kory Casto 1 x 4

         Leonard Davis 1 x 4

         Ian Desmond 0 x 3

         Justin Maxwell 3 x 10

         Luke Montz 1 x 3

         Jorge Padilla 1 x 4

         Ryan Zimmerman 1 x 7

On the mound:

         Luis Atilano 1g 2ip

         Collin Balester 1g 2ip

         Jason Bergmann 1g 2ip

         Marco Estrada 1g 2ip

         Shawn Hill 1g 1ip

         Mike Hinckley 2g 2ip

         John Lannan 1g 2ip

         Shairon Martis 1g 2ip

         Garrett Mock 2g 2ip

         Michael O’Connor 2g 2ip

         Saul Rivera 2g 2ip

         Jordan Zimmermann 1g 2ip

That’s a pretty impressive list. We’ll see how that list grows as spring training moves along. Spring training is longer this year than normal with teams playing 40+ games primarily due to the World Baseball Classic.

Well that’s about if for today. I’ll have more tomorrow. Stay warm…


I can only imagine how busy you must be! Stay warm! They say single digits for us tomorrow morning.


Believe me, having been @ Harrisburg last April, ANYTHING is an improvement over that God-awful monstrosity in RF you laughingly refer to as a “scoreboard”!!! LMFAO
But, it IS great to see Desmond, Bernadina, etc. getting their shot(s) during spring training. Seeing them last year was wonderful.
When you get the chance, check MY MLBlog out. LMAO
Amazing, what a NON-professional writer (yours truly) can do…LMMFAO

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