Last night in Erie the Senators and SeaWolves played 10 innings and the game took three hours and forty-eight minutes. You read that right… Three. Forty. Eight. If you don’t know the outcome you’re probably thinking that it was a 15-14 type of game with a lot of action.

Nope. 4-3. There were however 20 strikeouts and fifteen walks. Strikeouts and walks take a lot of pitches and a lot of pitches mean games move slowly.

Don’t get me wrong, there was some outstanding pitching in the game as both teams left numerous runners in scoring position because of great pitching. And there was some great defense too. Edgardo Baez threw a runner out at third, and Luke Montz was thrown out at home by Brennan Boesch of the SeaWolves.

But this blog isn’t really about last night’s game, it’s about time.

Last night’s game started at 6:35pm local time, which meant it was over by 10:30pm even with the game lasting 3:48, it was still over by 10:30pm.

The World Series has started later and later over the years to the point that at 10:30, without the games being played slowly, the games are in the fifth or sixth inning. At 10:30pm EDT, they are in just the fifth or sixth inning.

Keep in mind that with those games, the typical break between each half-inning is something like 2:30, which means with 17 half inning breaks, makes for over 30 minutes of commercials during a game.

It also means that games are ending, even the “quick” games, between 11:30 and Midnight.

In case you hadn’t heard, MLB and Fox announced yesterday that all of the weekday World Series and ALCS games would start before 8:00pm. They were gleeful in this announcement. Like they had accomplished something major. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you the actual start time, 7:57pm. Yep, a whole three minutes before 8:00pm.

I’m wondering if any of you know how many major league games will start this week at 7:57pm? Anyone know the answer? Ferris?

I do.

None. Zippo. Nada. As a matter of fact, the latest local starting time for any game this week is 7:15pm with most night games starting at 7:00 or 7:05pm.

I just wonder how all of those teams manage to get fans in the stands and home watching the games since prime-time hasn’t started yet. I realize no one in America watches any TV before prime-time, but somehow for six months starting at that time makes sense for baseball teams, but not for the playoffs.

The worst part of all of this is that Fox made the announcement, as if they control what baseball does.

Oh wait, my bad. They do.

The NLCS has not announced any changes because there games are on TBS. Heaven forbid baseball actually control when the games start.

I wonder if the world would end if World Series games started at say, 7:15pm and were over by say, 11:00pm!?!?

The single biggest televised sporting event in America, the Super Bowl, starts at 6:30pm EST on a Sunday night. Supposedly the worst night of the week for Nielsen ratings, and yet it seems to do just fine.

Somehow in the “old” days the World Series was pretty popular and was actually played, gasp, in the daytime. Imagine that, day baseball!?!?

Okay… that’s it. I’ll get off the old soap box for now! By the way, downtown Erie is gorgeous today. And it looks like a great day for a run. So, I need to get moving and get outside, the streets of Erie are beckoning me.

And besides, time is starting to slip away on this fine Tuesday!


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I vote for the games starting at 7pm! Who are they kidding? It is all about money and has nothing to do with the game.


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