So today I listened to my first game this season. It’s nice to think it’s warm and baseball is being played somewhere. We’re six weeks away from games in Harrisburg and five weeks away from games involving the Sens.

Tomorrow the Nationals play their first game this season, actually two games as they’ll be in split squad action. Several former Sens are set to start in the games and slated to pitch.

The starting line-ups for the games tomorrow are as follows:

Managed by Jim Riggleman
CF Nyjer Morgan
2B Adam Kennedy
RF Elijah Dukes
1B Chris Duncan
3B Pete Orr
LF Roger Bernadina
DH Josh Whitesell
SS Alberto Gonzalez
C Wil Nieves
P Garrett Mock
Relievers: Shairon Martis, Matt Capps, Drew Storen, Jason Bergmann, Eddie Guardado, Atahualpa Severino, Andrew Kown.


Managed by John McLaren
2B Willie Harris
SS Ian Desmond
C Ivan Rodriguez
1B Adam Dunn
LF Mike Morse
CF Justin Maxwell
3B Eric Bruntlett
RF Jerry Owens
P J.D. Martin
Relievers: Collin Balester, Brian Bruney, Logan Kensing, Ron Villone, Luis Atilano, Juan Jaime, Josh Wilkie, Mike Venafro

The players in bold have played for the Senators. The game against the Astros is on game day audio with the Astros broadcasters calling the game.

I’ll try to keep up and post more or less daily the results of the big league games, especially those things former and potential Sens are doing.

Spring training isn’t like the regular season since the “pressure” of building stats isn’t there however the pressure of making the team is there for a number of players.

There’s been a lot of news and quotes out this week about Stephen Strasburg and where he might start the season. I don’t think we’ll find out for a few weeks what city will have his services to start the season but those in the running are Potomac, Harrisburg, Syracuse and certainly Washington. For those of you old enough to remember Fernandomania, you have an idea about what could happen here.

Construction Update: Things are just moving right along. I’ll be going into the ballpark late tomorrow afternoon so I’ll have a better update on Friday. The boardwalk connecting the main seating bowl and the left field boardwalk is nearly done. Visually it looks like all that’s left is some finishing work and hand rails.  The seat rails started being installed yesterday and two sections are nearly done.

Until next time, enjoy some game day audio!

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