Natstown Visit

I went to see the Nationals and Astros play late yesterday afternoon. It was a rare 4:35pm start which meant, in theory, I didn’t think I’d run into much traffic. So much for thinking that!

Yesterday really hit home why it’s fun to be so close to Washington DC and able to see some of our favorite former Senators. The Nats used four pitchers in their win yesterday starting with Ross Detwiler, then Craig Stammen, followed by Drew Storen and then finally Collin Balester. All four of them have appeared on City Island sometime during the past four seasons.

Offensively, Roger Bernadina and Danny Espinosa both hit home runs for the Nats (along with Mike Morse).  Bernadina and Espinosa are both former Senators as well. Joining them in the starting line up was Justin Maxwell in center field. Ryan Zimmerman (a former Sen) was a late scratch.

I don’t know about you, but it’s fun to me to go down and watch them and see players that we’ve seen here. For years and years the Senators were great, winning championships, but fans didn’t much of a chance to see those players in person in the big leagues unless they wanted to travel to Philly, NY or Pittsburgh, when the Expos were in town.

Now you have 81 chances to see these players in Washington DC. Last night driving down, getting into DC, it struck me just how amazing it is to see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, the White House, US Capitol, WWII Memorial, and much, much, more on the way to a ballgame! I thought going to San Francisco and seeing or driving over the Golden Gate Bridge was pretty cool, but it’s nothing compared to driving through so much history.

Of the current Nats roster, 13 of them played in the minor leagues for the Senators. several of the remaining Nats players appeared on City Island as part of the Sens opposition and they are: Tyler Clippard – Trenton (2006 & 2007) (he threw a no-hitter at then Commerce Bank Park against the Senators); Nyjer Morgan – Altoona (2006); Sean Burnett – Altoona (2003); Wilson Ramos – New Britain (2009); Alberto Gonzalez – Trenton (2007); and Willie Harris – Bowie (2001).  Including Jason Marquis, he rehabbed with the Sens this year, half of the current 40-man active roster either played for the Sens or against the Sens.

Getting back to yesterday, the Nats won 7-2 and are now 65-88 which doesn’t sound great, but, it means the first time in the past two seasons they won’t lose 100 games. And with a decent last week, they could win 70+ games which would represent a pretty nice increase from the past two seasons in which they’ve only won 59 games.

Sometime in the not to distant future, the Nats will be in a pennant race with a whole lot of former Sens, now won’t that be fun!

Have a great weekend everyone! I have two more Nats games to attend… go Nats!!!

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