Savoring the Game

It’s officially Friday the 13th as I type this. It’s also 1:37am in the morning. Why am I up so late, well, it was a four hour game earlier tonight and we didn’t arrive back at the hotel until a little after midnight. I’m sure I’ll be sleepy soon, I’m just not sleepy yet.

The season is a little more than a month old and the Senators are a game under .500, but all is going to be okay with the team. When all is said and done, fans are really going to enjoy watching this team all season long.

The season is an interesting time. People in baseball talk about the grind, the day in and day out of being at the baseball park, waiting to play the game that day in whatever city it is.

For those of us in the front office, we point towards the season nearly the moment the previous season ends. All we do is talk about wanting the season to get here so there is baseball again and not the cold winter and somewhat drudgery of the off-season.

So then why does everyone in the game want time to go by so quickly? I’m guilty of it. During games I’ll mention how long it has taken to play five or six innings as if I really have something better to do at 10:30pm on a Tuesday night.

A baseball game, the baseball season, they should be cherished like a fine glass of wine, or a nice thick, juicy steak. It’s not something to rush. A game and the season should be something to enjoy, savored. No two games or no two seasons are alike.

Someone very smart years ago said that if you come to the ballpark every day, you’re sure to see something you never have before. That phrase has been true this season and was true tonight for sure.

Because of my job, I get caught up in the game(s) while I’m broadcasting and I certainly want the Senators to win. But after the game is over, and there is time to reflect, I’m back into my more normal mode of not letting the wins and losses affect me one way or the other. Their are just too many games and too many long days to let one game affect you.

My alarm went off at 6am this morning. The bus left the ballpark for Richmond at 8am. We arrived in Richmond sometime around noon. And then I headed to the ballpark at 3:30pm. The game started a minute early at 7:04pm and finished at 11:06pm.  What I just described is why I don’t/can’t get caught up in the wins and losses. The day is too long and there are too many games to worry about one game. In mid-August is when the team will start worrying about a loss.

Tomorrow (Friday), the team leaves the hotel at 10:30am to go workout at a local gym. Then it’s lunch time, followed by a short nap (maybe) and then onto the ballpark at either 2:30 or 3:30pm. Game time is at 7:05pm and we’ll hope for a shorter game than 4:02.

Well, it’s now after 2am and 10am is going to come early. Here’s to hoping the Senators bounce back on Friday night and start a road winning streak.

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