Going… going… gone…

No, it wasn’t a home run hit by a Sens player, it was the scoreboard and adverting panels being demolished. Today was the first step to a brand new state-of-the-art scoreboard that has all of us with the team very excited!

That’s not all that was happening today as there was more going on today with construction than in any single day yet this off-season. For the first time today it really felt like we were in a construction zone and it was pretty cool.

The nice weather also made me feel like baseball is getting closer. Five weeks from right now I’ll be in Reading broadcasting the season opener. I’m very interested in finding out who will be wearing a Senators uniform to start the season.

Someone I don’t think will be wearing a Senators uniform is Jordan Zimmermann. Zimmermann started yesterday against the Mets and went three innings, striking out three and not allowing a base runner. He has now appeared in two games, going five innings without allowing a hit or a walk. He’s struck out six and has retired all 15 batters he has faced. In the immortal words of Mel Allen, how about that!  Zimmermann is not your typical high profile big-time prospect. He is not from some well known division one school but from division three University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, not exactly a baseball factory.

If he keeps throwing the way he’s been throwing and opening up eyes, he’s going to find himself in the Nationals starting rotation. There are other former Sens that are doing pretty well thus far in spring training. Luke Montz and Roger Bernadina both had hits in the game yesterday and are both showing that they want a spot on the Nats 25 man roster.

The World Baseball Classic is underway with the American team starting play in a couple of days. On Friday I’ll highlight the former Sens players in the WBC. Until then, happy reading!

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We had some warm weather here today in the Boston area also and I could feel that Spring really is coming. And with it – baseball! With us “springing forward” with the clocks this weekend and it staying light later – I think we will all be even more anxious for the games to begin.


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