Hiking Towards Opening Day

Hello everyone. I’ve missed all of you the past couple of days but it was a busy weekend with baseball, hiking, and a little BBQing.

This was the first weekend of what felt like spring here in central PA. The weather was so nice that Liz and I were able to get out for a long jog on Saturday and then yesterday we went on a nine-mile hike on the Appalachian Trail. I have several books on the trail and am thrilled to live so close to it.

How many of you have been watching the World Baseball Classic? There have already been some fantastic games, but I’m I the only person that thinks this should be played sometime other in March? How can we really see who the best teams are when the pitchers are on such strict pitch counts? Isn’t pitching supposed to be 90% of the game? One of the amazing things about the Classic is how the fans really get involved in the games, it’s great!

Over the weekend the final pieces of the old scoreboard were removed so now all that’s left is the structure. The new one should be in place in about three weeks. A lot of work took place late last week and on Saturday. This week things should start going “up.” Up until now a lot of the work has been prep work, digging ditches, getting the foundation done etc.

It’s good that things are moving along since the players will show up four weeks from today. Yeah, you read that right, the 2009 Harrisburg Senators arrive in town four weeks from today. The season begins four weeks from Thursday in Reading.

A couple of housekeeping notes…

FanFest is scheduled for Saturday, April 4th. Keep checking our website for information about the FanFest.  The 2009 Welcome Back Dinner is Wednesday, April 8th.

I’ll have an update on the former Sens with the Nats tomorrow and on Wednesday I’ll give you all an update about the former Sens in the World Baseball Classic.

Until tomorrow, have a great night! 







60 degrees here yesterday. Today – 20s and snow! Winter in New England is hanging on! I am enjoying the WBC – I just don’t know if there is ever a good time to play it.


Terry, been a while since your last blog, are you going to be a making another post in the coming days on progress of happenings etc.

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